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aw hell no, wasup dawg?
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Sunday, June 20th, 2004
4:53 am
Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Sat Jun 19 13:07:42 2004
imyourchick07: rara rharhar
B rIzO499: cheer call?!
imyourchick07: haha yea
imyourchick07: but i g2g get off line
B rIzO499: good call
B rIzO499: ohhhhh
B rIzO499: :/
B rIzO499: bebyeybe
imyourchick07: laterr
imyourchick07: bye:-)
*** imyourchick07 signed off at Sat Jun 19 13:08:26 2004.
Session Close (imyourchick07): Sat Jun 19 13:08:27 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Sat Jun 19 20:12:14 2004
B rIzO499: i stood 2
imyourchick07: what?
B rIzO499: nothing mir nothing
imyourchick07: lol mk
imyourchick07: letsss gooooo
B rIzO499: ok
B rIzO499: you ready?
B rIzO499: becase im gonna come pick u up soon
imyourchick07: reallyyy?
B rIzO499: I SEE
imyourchick07: :-D
B rIzO499: so
B rIzO499: where are we going
imyourchick07: where can we go?
B rIzO499: i dont know i dont know
B rIzO499: i tihnk saad is doing someitnhg
B rIzO499: but again
B rIzO499: i duno
imyourchick07: daniel?
B rIzO499: a
imyourchick07: NO
B rIzO499: yaa
imyourchick07: NOOOoooooo
B rIzO499: lol ya thats waht i tohght
B rIzO499: i dont see why tho
B rIzO499: saad is cool
imyourchick07: :-\
B rIzO499: o well maybe he isnt that cool
B rIzO499: but
B rIzO499: i dontknow where to go or what to do
B rIzO499: you have any friends over at your house?
imyourchick07: amy
imyourchick07: and bethany
B rIzO499: i dont know bethany do i?
imyourchick07: shes a senoir
imyourchick07: she was ... with me that one dayyy
B rIzO499: oohhhoaky
imyourchick07: yeahh
imyourchick07: sooo brian
B rIzO499: sooo
imyourchick07: what have u been doing all day
B rIzO499: working
imyourchick07: i know rightt
imyourchick07: redd lobsterrrr
B rIzO499: u know right
imyourchick07: i know RIGHT
imyourchick07: hmm
B rIzO499: yup
B rIzO499: hmm
imyourchick07: so are u not doing nthing tonight
B rIzO499: ummm
B rIzO499: looks like im staying home
imyourchick07: why?
imyourchick07: no your not
B rIzO499: nothing 2 do
imyourchick07: scoottt on overrr here im on the prowlll
B rIzO499: your staying home 2
imyourchick07: why?
B rIzO499: i duno
B rIzO499: what are u going to do
B rIzO499: ?
imyourchick07: go with youuuu
imyourchick07: ur going to jeffs
B rIzO499: AHHh
B rIzO499: how did u know
imyourchick07: grant
B rIzO499: ya i am im going now
imyourchick07: cool
B rIzO499: so ima change clothes
B rIzO499: ang og
B rIzO499: beybeye
Session Close (imyourchick07): Sat Jun 19 20:49:01 2004

B rIzO499: hey mirr
imyourchick07: heyy
B rIzO499: i see that you didnt call me
imyourchick07: heh
imyourchick07: ive had
imyourchick07: the worst night
imyourchick07: EVER
B rIzO499: :'(
B rIzO499: why is that
imyourchick07: bc well okay ur brother is an asshole.
imyourchick07: and i ewnt bowling
imyourchick07: and kyle was there...
imyourchick07: so i had to leave. bc bob is safjadh i duno
B rIzO499: did u go bowling with kyle or scott?
imyourchick07: i went with harry and amy
imyourchick07: and clark
imyourchick07: and kyle and bob where there
B rIzO499: all of you were there together
imyourchick07: kinda
imyourchick07: but addison is also meannnnnn
B rIzO499: lol
imyourchick07: and liked to talk about stupid daniel
B rIzO499: so what this have to do iwth you
imyourchick07: oh and btw he called ur phone that was left on some car....
B rIzO499: ya
imyourchick07: lol
B rIzO499: and u called him back
B rIzO499: he told me that today
imyourchick07: bc everyone HATES ME today
B rIzO499: uve said nothing but people are mean
B rIzO499: and i want to know why
imyourchick07: lol well addison the whole time was making fun of me for making out with saad and what not
B rIzO499: the world may never know
B rIzO499: ya
B rIzO499: saaad is a lucky man
imyourchick07: and kyle said i was becoming laura
imyourchick07: saad can goo die
imyourchick07: and I DUNOOOO
imyourchick07: jsut everyone is liek rarrr today
B rIzO499: i dont like kyle
imyourchick07: and scott was mad bc i wore ur red lobster pin thing
B rIzO499: lol
*** You have been disconnected. Fri Jun 18 22:51:51 2004.
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 22:51:54 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 22:52:09 2004
B rIzO499: crazy scott
imyourchick07: lol i guesss soo
imyourchick07: hmm so yeah kyle said he didnt like me anymore.
B rIzO499: good
B rIzO499: you shouldnt want kyle
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 22:54:03 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 22:54:07 2004
imyourchick07: goood?
imyourchick07: heh
imyourchick07: i need to be happpppy
imyourchick07: make me happy brian lol
B rIzO499: lol
imyourchick07: everytime i type brian i think of brain
imyourchick07: and then i sing
imyourchick07: pinky and the brain brain brain
B rIzO499: man i wish i culd make you happy how u make me happy
imyourchick07: hah i make u happy?
B rIzO499: ya
B rIzO499: mir is great
imyourchick07: whyy
imyourchick07: aw:-)
imyourchick07: uur great too
B rIzO499: ha lol :"D
B rIzO499: \FUCKE4s
B rIzO499: my dad jsut saw 2 kids in my garauge
B rIzO499: lkooking at my car
B rIzO499: then they ran away
imyourchick07: oh myy
B rIzO499: and told some guy to start the car
B rIzO499: then peeled off
imyourchick07: eeek
B rIzO499: i kill someone
imyourchick07: i love your car
B rIzO499: they wanted my speakers
B rIzO499: ill kill somone
B rIzO499: damnit
imyourchick07: lol
imyourchick07: good
B rIzO499: fuckJERs
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 23:04:02 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 23:22:27 2004
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 23:22:30 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 23:24:43 2004
imyourchick07: back?
B rIzO499: yes
B rIzO499: no luck findin them
imyourchick07: lol
B rIzO499: what are u doing tommrow night?
imyourchick07: i have no idea
imyourchick07: what about you?
B rIzO499: drinkin with saad
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 23:29:32 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 23:29:34 2004
imyourchick07: heh
imyourchick07: cool
imyourchick07: dont drinkk brian
B rIzO499: really? you dont tihnk i should?
B rIzO499: bveucase i seem im a cooler kid when i do
imyourchick07: nope
imyourchick07: well i wouldnt know i never hang out with u
imyourchick07: :-\
B rIzO499: ya
B rIzO499: that is sad
imyourchick07: lol
imyourchick07: i guess im just way to cool
B rIzO499: guess so
imyourchick07: only not
B rIzO499: only not
imyourchick07: whaaa?
B rIzO499: io dont know
imyourchick07: blahahhhhh
B rIzO499: gnight mir
imyourchick07: goodnight
imyourchick07: :-)
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 23:41:27 2004

imyourchick07: brian
B rIzO499: mirgrrrgrgrg
imyourchick07: what are u doing
B rIzO499: reading the interweb
imyourchick07: whattt?
B rIzO499: reADIN
B rIzO499: what are you doing?
imyourchick07: sitting heree what are u doing tonight?
B rIzO499: working
B rIzO499: late
B rIzO499: you at lindeys house?
imyourchick07: ah that sucks
imyourchick07: scott brought me bread and u didnt:-P
imyourchick07: nope not nemore
B rIzO499: thats 2 bad
imyourchick07: lol :'(
B rIzO499: yup
B rIzO499: what are yOU doing tonight
B rIzO499: and is mir still on the prowl?
imyourchick07: lol yes i am
imyourchick07: i dunooo helo nme find something
B rIzO499: well
B rIzO499: u tell me how that gos when i get off work
imyourchick07: when do u get off
B rIzO499: never way 2 late
B rIzO499: for you youngins to be out
imyourchick07: :'( fine
B rIzO499: jojo is 13
imyourchick07: who?
B rIzO499: JOJO
imyourchick07: oh oh
B rIzO499: the lil girl on mtv
B rIzO499: izzl
imyourchick07: lol oh mk
imyourchick07: so why did u say jojo
B rIzO499: thats her name
imyourchick07: lol alright
B rIzO499: These rimz cost more than your life foo!!!!"
imyourchick07: well since ur too cool for me and have to work:-P:-P im gunna gooooooo
B rIzO499: oh im not to cool
B rIzO499: for mirhgrgr
imyourchick07: then hangg out with me
B rIzO499: IWILL
B rIzO499: youand lindsey
imyourchick07: lol mk
B rIzO499: lol
B rIzO499: FUCVk
B rIzO499: JUIVCe
imyourchick07: lol what?
imyourchick07: pinaple juice?
B rIzO499: 7yes
B rIzO499: i was eating pinapple juice
imyourchick07: lol cool
B rIzO499: right in front of my computer
B rIzO499: then i GO BAM
imyourchick07: thats awesome
imyourchick07: lol
imyourchick07: im sorry
B rIzO499: and gets next to the space bar
B rIzO499: i hope my space bar dosnt brake
imyourchick07: lol oh no!
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 13:37:15 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 13:39:15 2004
imyourchick07: well i g2g
B rIzO499: byebebyeby
imyourchick07: byee brian
Session Close (imyourchick07): Fri Jun 18 13:54:56 2004

B rIzO499: mirgrgrgrgrgrg
imyourchick07: brian!!!!!!!
B rIzO499: i didnt see you last night what was wrong?
imyourchick07: i had to stay homeeee
imyourchick07: bc my mom is gay
B rIzO499: awwww :/
imyourchick07: did u have fun?
B rIzO499: ya i had fun
B rIzO499: lots of fun
B rIzO499: tons of fun
imyourchick07: awesome
B rIzO499: gwwwwwaaaaaahhhh?
imyourchick07: lol i missed out:'(
imyourchick07: what are u doing today
B rIzO499: ima wash my car!
B rIzO499: then go workout
B rIzO499: thennn thenn
B rIzO499: i dunno w hat im gonna do thnnn
imyourchick07: u thought u washed it yesterday
imyourchick07: ur gunan see mirandaaaa
B rIzO499: nope
B rIzO499: daniel said it was gonna rain
B rIzO499: and scared me not to wash it
imyourchick07: oh lol
*** Auto-response from imyourchick07: icecream:-D
B rIzO499: WOoo
B rIzO499: o
B rIzO499: hmm
Session Close (imyourchick07): Wed Jun 16 13:00:41 2004

imyourchick07: hey
B rIzO499: hEy
B rIzO499: mir
Session Close (imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 13:59:19 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:00:12 2004
imyourchick07: whats upp
B rIzO499: alil bored
Session Close (imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:00:52 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:01:36 2004
imyourchick07: oh lala
imyourchick07: i just got home
B rIzO499: from wehre
imyourchick07: the lakeee
B rIzO499: did you have fun?
imyourchick07: yepp
B rIzO499: good
B rIzO499: good
imyourchick07: yes yes
imyourchick07: what have u been doingg
B rIzO499: went out to eat
B rIzO499: then worked out at the keller pointe
imyourchick07: ohh
imyourchick07: is that place cool?
B rIzO499: ummm
B rIzO499: i like the gym
B rIzO499: the slides and stuff isnt cool
B rIzO499: but the basketball courts are fun
B rIzO499: and the track and gym is nice
imyourchick07: wow brian that is just soo incredibly cool
B rIzO499: i guess the place is cool then
imyourchick07: well i guess so
B rIzO499: i KNOW its cool
imyourchick07: WOAHHHHHHH
imyourchick07: brian you dont talk much
imyourchick07: brain
imyourchick07: brian
B rIzO499: yes i dont talk much
imyourchick07: hmm thats not cool
B rIzO499: o well
imyourchick07: :-\
B rIzO499: gah
B rIzO499: ok fne ill talk
B rIzO499: balbalbalbalbal see im cool now
B rIzO499: imyourchick07: i always thought you were cool i knew you could do it
imyourchick07: lol
*** imyourchick07 signed off at Tue Jun 15 14:14:38 2004.
Session Close (imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:14:41 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:14:57 2004
imyourchick07: ahh
imyourchick07: did u get that
B rIzO499: no i didnt
imyourchick07: ohh
B rIzO499: all i saw was lol
B rIzO499: so maybe i did?
imyourchick07: i said ur way cooler now and i love u
imyourchick07: now
B rIzO499: awww that makes me happy
imyourchick07: goood
B rIzO499: so what are you up 2 tonight?
imyourchick07: i dunoo what to do
imyourchick07: you?
imyourchick07: brbbb
*** imyourchick07 signed off at Tue Jun 15 14:17:02 2004.
Session Close (imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:17:08 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:42:04 2004
imyourchick07: back
B rIzO499: good
B rIzO499: i was worried
imyourchick07: :-D
imyourchick07: what are u doing tonight
B rIzO499: party
imyourchick07: whoss
B rIzO499: i duno
B rIzO499: i jsut know thumb at 9
imyourchick07: lol cool
imyourchick07: im going too
B rIzO499: GOOD
imyourchick07: lol im joking
B rIzO499: ohh
B rIzO499: you can go
B rIzO499: with me
imyourchick07: with you?
B rIzO499: do you drive? i would have to take you
B rIzO499: if u went
B rIzO499: or someone
imyourchick07: i dont drive
B rIzO499: you can come if u want to is waht im saying
imyourchick07: are u saying u dont want to drive me? lol
B rIzO499: no lol im saying u can go if u want
imyourchick07: yeah wellll
imyourchick07: okay
B rIzO499: okay
B rIzO499: i belive itsd time to wash da car
imyourchick07: yumm
imyourchick07: ill wash it
B rIzO499: ok
*** imyourchick07 signed off at Tue Jun 15 14:57:23 2004.
Session Close (imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:57:28 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:59:32 2004
Session Close (imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 14:59:44 2004

Session Start (AIM - brizo499:imyourchick07): Tue Jun 15 15:53:27 2004
B rIzO499: im bored
B rIzO499: entertain me
imyourchick07: me tooo
imyourchick07: lol
imyourchick07: come over
imyourchick07: tyen
B rIzO499: tyen = then
B rIzO499: ?
B rIzO499: yes
B rIzO499: ok first i thought u typed tyen on purpse then i say the y is close to the h
imyourchick07: lol
imyourchick07: whattt?
imyourchick07: i am soo sore
B rIzO499: fro lakkeeee
imyourchick07: mhmm
*** imyourchick07 signed off at Tue Jun 15 16:06:17 2004.
Monday, June 7th, 2004
1:40 pm
this is trendy.
my journal is shitty.
Sunday, April 25th, 2004
4:42 pm
another fucking post


Current Mood: drained
Sunday, April 4th, 2004
1:32 pm
heres an update on my life.
im shakin' shoo shoo shakin'.

that's right nig.



Current Mood: morose
Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
9:06 pm
im lazy.

end of journal.

i <3 miranda

Current Mood: enthralled
Saturday, March 27th, 2004
12:49 pm
uhh... last night i went to the movies and then miranda left me to go to some jared kids house, heh.

this morning i went and cleaned up bear creek park, which you know... sucked. it was really dirty and i fell and now my backs all bloody, oh well.

if i wasn't so lazy, i'd hit something right now.

Current Mood: dirty
Monday, March 22nd, 2004
5:56 pm
if anyone's noticed, i don't update 'till i get a comment.

i love miranda, kthx.


Current Mood: pissed off
Friday, March 19th, 2004
7:45 am
awww, miranda met some cute guys on her trip ;)

if anyone ever thought that going to paris and london would be fun, they were wrong.

</3 -khizzle.... fo' shizzle.

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, March 12th, 2004
8:28 pm
well im in london at an internet cafe... london is really old and funny looking

i guess alot has already happened while i've been gone, with miranda lying to me and losing all my trust, heh, i guess its life.

well life sucks.

gg kyle.

Current Mood: sad
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
3:15 pm
people change, not always for the best.

oh well, have fun reading this long post.

the end.

i love miranda... :/fjkl

- kyle

Current Mood: sad/mad
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
1:31 pm
homework sucks.

almost as much as you :p

haha, im good.

Current Mood: lazy
Saturday, February 28th, 2004
12:03 pm
me = lose
last night was fun.

i saw TWO movies

they were good.

im a beast.


i love miranda.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
8:39 am
im at school
how cool am i?


im bored.

bcis sucks.

Current Mood: bored
Saturday, February 21st, 2004
11:07 am
i woke up
Mark's floor is covered in plastic and it hurt.

we're hungy.

take us to eat.


Current Mood: hungry
1:02 am
how awesome miranda is
miranda is so awesome, i love her.

the movies were only good because she was there, it was a terrible movie.

i love her.


Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
4:36 pm
hey kid, imma computer.
are you buzz lightyear?

day was ok, miranda ignored me after school :-/, but you know how it is.

you spin me right round.


Current Mood: nerdy
Sunday, February 15th, 2004
11:38 am
i 1337 haxored your moms ass last night
I got my first playboy yesterday... :D its nice. There not many pictures, but i have it for the articles. Then there was banquet... it was pretty boring, the food was good though, then this dj played alot of rap music and everyone left.

Current Mood: cold
Friday, February 13th, 2004
4:06 pm
i have a feeling something has been left unsaid...

Current Mood: curious
Monday, February 9th, 2004
4:07 pm
im sick
uh... i stayed home today and did nothing while all of you were at school, HAHA :D

Current Mood: thirsty
Sunday, February 8th, 2004
12:41 pm
So this weekend i was sick... and uhh.... miranda has a hangover from kevins... *edited to make miranda happy :-/*

Karma police
arrest this man,
he talks in maths,
he buzzes like a fridge,
he's like a detuned radio.

Karma police
arrest this girl,
her Hitler hairdo
is making me feel ill
and we have crashed her party.

This is what you get,
this is what you get,
this is what you get,
when you mess with us.

Karma police
I've given all I can,
it's not enough,
I've given all I can
but we're still on the payroll.

This is what you get,
this is what you get,
this is what you get,
when you mess with us.

For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself.
Phew, for a minute there,
I lost myself, I lost myself.

For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself.
Phew, for a minute there,
I lost myself, I lost myself.

Current Mood: sick
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